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Playing old traditional games makes you bored sometimes. You must be wondering to put it to an end, as 2020 is going to be full of amazing gaming adventures. The best of them “Clash of Clans Update” which was right around the corner has launched.  Clash of the Clans New update is a powered-up recap of all your COC experiences.

This update is full of advanced gaming features. With its eye-catching graphics, latest background, new levels, and challenges it’s going to make you addicted to itself. It also has new and exciting characters like Head Hunter and Super Witch and much more you are looking for. Here is the best time to explore yourself to the next level of gaming.

As it was already being expected next clash of the clans’ update will be full of excitement and adventures, So you are feeling bore and urge to kill it, you have the best game around you just give it a download and a new world of excitement. Without any further delay, let’s get straight into the features of this application.

Features of Clash of Clans Update 2020

 Taking your excitement to a higher level, a matter of fact is it contains a number of newly introduced pro features. Some of the features are examined below.

Head Hunter The New Troop
The most waited and discussed among COC update features is here now town hall 12 brand-new elixir troop is available now. When the head hunter is detached on the battle-field then heroes of all villages start to flutter. It throws deadly cards, jump over walls, and causes greater damage to all the heroes. You must have to upgrade your Dark Barrack to level 9 you need to unlock it.

Changed Scenery
The next noticeable feature of Clash of the Clans Upgrade is its newly introduced Change scenery option. The game offers the first background into ways like season challenges, league shops, etc when you will access the firs background..

Custom Friendly Challenge Armies
This updated version is providing you with friendly challenges and friendly wars. You can configure these wars and challenges before the real attacks. For training, it no needs to costs time and resources.

Super Troops
Another amazing advancement in Clash of Clans New Update 2020 is the exciting characters you were waiting for. Those are Super Witch and Inferno Dragon. Inferno dragon shoots and can cause damage up to 80 DPS to 1600 DPS. While Super Witch is the latest Super Troop roaster. Like previous witches, it doesn’t summons Bats or group of Skeletons it calls for a single giant Big Boy.

Additional Game Changes
That’s not all, Update Clash of the Clans is providing an improved experience for returning players. It adds Siege machines, troops, spells that are within clan castle. The season challenged troop-based task is re-balanced to complete level 9 and up. To follow the group more productively in air mode Grand Wardens have also developed. Pathing of Wall-wreckers is also improved.

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Install the latest version of clash of clans update apk:

Clash of the Clans 2020 offers you the best specification:

update clash of clans mod apk

NameClash of the Clans Update
CompatibilityIOS, Android, Pc
Size500 MBs

Installation method of  new update clash of clans mod apk

Installation method

Have you downloaded the update of Clash of the Clans mod APK? Not Yet? Go, install the premium application by following the steps given below:

Step: 1
Go to your phone settings, then go to security and enable the install from unknown sources that will permit your phone to download and install different apps from the internet.

Step: 2
Tap on the link mentioned above and starts downloading the game

Step: 3
After completing the download, go to the file manager and install the app.

Step: 4
Once the game installed, launch the game to play the game.

Final Words
With its advanced features, Classy interface, versatile graphics, and unique characters, Clash of the Clans Update 2020 is going to take your gaming experience to a higher level. The best part is this updated version contains all those features that were most demanded and were still missing since its arrival. I’ve tried my best to describe all the premium features and exited the gaming nature of clash of clans latest update 2020, but the best you can get is after pressing the download button and experiencing all the excitement yourself.

What are you waiting for? Download Now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the frequently asked questions are answered below:

What is SuperCell ID?

Gamers use Supercell ID to deliver game accounts across operating systems and devices. By connecting a game account with Supercell ID, We can switch across them easily.

How to load the game?

Close the app and try to reboot it, if it doesn’t work then check if you have the latest installed version of iOS. Also make sure if wifi or hot spot is working correctly, otherwise connect our team

Is it possible to continue my game on a new device?

Yes! you can, just make sure to link your ID with the game center account. Log in with your game center account on the new device, and the game will automatically take you to your village.

What this Updated version provides?

This updated version Clash of the Clans mod APK provides you unique features starting from exciting gameplay, adorable speed, excellent graphics, and your gaming exposure becomes much better.

Does it affect the processing of my phone?

No, it does not affect the processing of your phone, as this app takes only a little space.

How to control the units in a battle?

Once you deployed the troops you cannot control them on a battlefield and this is where people run into trouble. To optimize the attack strategies, you must have to learn the capabilities of different units. You’ll also have to work on Barracks and troop training.

Is it safe to play this game on PC or Android phones?

Yes, it is 100% compatible with Android devices and PC. And its malware protected, you don’t have to worry about its safety.