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Clash of Clans Online is a strategic game. It has unique features, classy interface, versatile gameplay, and premium characters. Clash of Clans has emerged as a well-reputed game brand in recent years reaching millions of players and downloads online. Now you must be wondering how to play COC online. So for this purpose consider yourself as a king. First of all, you have to build a village full of crafty villagers, dragons, witches, and wizards. Then you will build an army consisting of troops and super troops.

You also have to train that army funding them with a currency called Clash of clan gems. Your main goal will be attacking neighbor villages and gather resources. The more you gather the resources the higher your rank will move.

Not only this, you must have to empower your army to protect your own village against enemy’s raids. For playing clash of class online you must have a secure internet connection and a pc, tablet, or a smartphone. There’re thousand million users online on a daily basis so don’t miss the chance to collaborate with them.

Clash of Clans free online provides you the best gaming experience ever. In its latest version, it has multiple new features and characters, Adding more this game doesn’t cost a single penny. However, there are some features that demand real money. So In order to avoid them while playing COC Online, you must have to disable them in your device settings.

online clash of clans

Features of Clash of Clans Online

Since its arrival, there is a lot of advancement in COC online. There’s addition of characters, Upgradation of town halls and extension of the time period, and much more. Some of the hot features of COC Online are discussed here.

Exciting Characters
COC Online has a lot of unique and exciting characters that add to the adventure of the gameplay. Those classic characters are in the form of troops, super troops. Heroes, witches, and wizards. But here in this version of COC online there’s an addition of latest characters called:

  • Head Hunter
  • Super witch
  • Inferno Dragon
  • Royal Champion

Town Halls
The next amazing feature of COC Online is the number of town halls present there. The new addition in the clash of clans is the addition of town hall 13. The more interesting is it also contains Giga inferno in it. You will also be amazed to know that’s it up-gradation is free of cost.

Level Upgradation
A game can never be updated if its real content is not upgraded so, in this online version of Coc 2020, we have added some additional levels to buildings, traps, spells, and troops. Not only this there are certain game changes and quality of life improvement you are anxiously waiting for.

Gems and Gold
With Online Clash of Clans, you are provided with an unlimited amount of gems, and to add in your interest these gems assist you in boosting up your base structure. In the like manners, It also gives you the countless quantity of gold, and similarly, with the help of that gold, you’ll be able to build your buildings and upgrade your village.

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Install the latest Version COC Online

Clash of Clan Online offers you the best specification,

Name                           Clash of the Clans Online
Version                         Updated
Compatibility              IOS, Android, Pc
Size                              130 MBs
Price                                 Free

Installation Method

Have you downloaded Clash of the Clans Online? Not Yet? Go, install the premium application by following the steps given below:

Step: 1
Go to your phone settings, then go to security and enable the install from unknown sources that will permit your phone to download and install different apps from the internet.

Step: 2
Tap on the link mentioned above and starts downloading the game

Step: 3
After completing the download, go to the file manager and install the app.

Step: 4
Once the game installed, launch the game to play the game.

coc online

Wrap Text

Clash of Clans Online is a versatile game with thousand million users online on daily basis, with its unique and premium features it will make you addicted to itself, once you downloaded this application you will enter a new level of the gaming world. It has a lot of exciting characters, a classy interface, and unique gameplay. Although I have to try my best to describe each feature of the game so keenly. Give it a try and download APK for Clash of Clan Online and enter a new world of gaming thrill and adventure.

What are you waiting for? Click the download button and start enjoying this summer with the best and most downloaded game ever.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I download this Game?
The best link for downloading Clash of Clans cheats is given above.
What is Legend League?
Legend league is a newly introduced tournament in Clash of Clans. It contains 500 trophies and a duration of 24 hours each day.
Is it free to download this game?
Yes, it even not cost a single penny to download this game it is totally free of cost.
What does this online version provide?
This online version of COC provides you unique features starting from exciting gameplay, adorable speed, excellent graphics, unlimited diamond, unlimited health, and many more.
How to control the units in a battle?
Once you deployed the troops you cannot control them on a battlefield and this is where people run into trouble. To optimize the attack strategies, you must have to learn the capabilities of different units. You’ll also have to work on Barracks and troop training.
Does it affect the processing of Pc or Phone?
No, it does not affect the processing of your phone, as this app occupies only a little space.